In 2021, we had more than 8,000 people passionate about eLearning register for the ESS. Join us this year!

What is the eLearn Success Series?

The eLearn Success Series (ESS) is a uniquely valuable set of events that bring together sector experts and thought leaders to offer solutions to the most critical challenges and issues at the intersection of education and technology.
Based on the feedback we’ve received from our audience of more than 10,000 people passionate about eLearning over the past two years (under our previous name of the eLearning Success Summit), in 2022, ESS will be composed of three, specialized but interrelated sessions that culminate in a final capstone event.
The best part? You can join us for one event or many depending on what sessions you are most interested by!

Speakers For The

Session Keynote

Michelle Ockers

Michelle Ockers
Learning Uncut

Michelle is the founder of Learning Uncut. She works with leaders who want learning to make a bigger impact in their organisation. Her core expertise is organisational learning strategy, capability uplift for learning teams, and continuous learning skills and practices. Michelle was awarded the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s 2019 L&D Professional of the Year.  She also received the 2019 Jay Cross Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to the field of informal learning.  Michelle hosts the weekly Learning Uncut podcast.

Featured Presenter

Jane Bozarth

Dr. Jane Bozarth
The Learning Guild

An experienced real-world practitioner and popular conference presenter, Dr. Jane Bozarth’s specialties include capturing and sharing tacit knowledge, social and collaborative learning, and crafting low-cost learning solutions.  Jane is the author of many books, including eLearning Solutions on a Shoestring, Social Media for Learning, Better than Bullet Points, and From Analysis to Evaluation.  After many years working as a classroom trainer and then the eLearning Coordinator for North Carolina state government, Dr. Bozarth now serves as the Director of Research for The Learning Guild.

Hithakshi Kotyan

Hithakshi Kotyan


Justin Reinert


Ted Curran

Ted Curran


Phillip Miller

Phillip Miller

Open LMS

Mark Parry

Mark Parry


Stephen Ladek

Stephen Ladek

Open LMS

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February 23rd

The Design Session

The speakers and resources for this session will focus on how to design exceedingly effective training, classes and courses. We’ll be talking about everything from software to assessments to project management.

May 4th

The Instructor Session

This session is dedicated to being the best trainer, teacher, or professor possible. Presentations and discussions will cover everything from how to deal with disruptors to sharpening your video presence to staying sane in the back and forth required by the blended future.

July 20th

The EdTech Session

Calling all EdTech nerds! The EdTech session will focus on the “tech” side of eLearning. We’ll be presenting click-by-click examples on everything from LMS administration to mobile apps to leveraging Data Science.

October 19th

Our capstone event will not only tie together the lessons from the first three sessions, but also provide killer presentations from the sector’s top thinkers about “what’s next” in the eLearning space and the future of education.


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Why Attend The 2022 Series?

This Event is Perfect for L&D and Education Professionals who . . .

Want to create a successful online learning program

You’re here because you’re a part of the eLearning program initiative and want practical proven strategies to pivot your mission.

Want to learn from leaders within the EdTech space

You’re here because you’re a part of the eLearning program initiative and want practical proven strategies to pivot your mission.

Want to explore the current trends of eLearning needs

You’re here because you’re a part of the eLearning program initiative and want practical proven strategies to pivot your mission.

Want to contribute to an open-source community

You’re here because you want to contribute your skill and knowledge to open-source technology to improve the system and leave your mark.

Know the value of continuous learning

You’re here because you know the way we learn and train has changed forever. And you want to do this for your professional development.


Are curious about Open LMS and its services

You’re here because you want to know more about what Open LMS does by getting behind the scenes. The series is agnostic but powered by the Open LMS team.

Who Should Attend The 2022

eLearn Success Series?

This summit is perfect for L&D professionals, training managers, teachers, LMS administrators, eLearning enthusiasts, instructional designers, HR professionals, and anyone curious to learn.

eLearning Professionals

Looking to explore new ways to improve their learners’ experience on the learning management platform.

Teachers & Trainers

Looking for step-by-step guidance from eLearning experts and to better understand how to use the platform and tools.

LMS Administrators

Wants to improve the way they navigate through their LMS platform and stay on top of the latest releases.

IT Professionals

Looking to collaborate with other developers to enhance current systems and plan the future product roadmap.

Education Enthusiasts

Looking to connect with the eLearning community and continue to explore and grow for their role.

Typical Attendee Feedback
From 2020 & 2021

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